The Earth is ruined and uninhabitable. The last remnants of humanity are put into stasis deep underground. They were supposed to sleep for 25,000 years and wake to a verdant Earth they could reseed and shape to be a paradise. But, they slept for 250 million years.


They wake to find a green Earth, but it is also red in tooth and claw.


Ultra predators that have had eons to perfect their killing skills now roam the great land mass known as Pangaea Ultima.


With courage and intelligence as their only weapons, the last 300 humans must battle the new deadly species of Pangaea or be swept away in a red tide of predation.


This script explores what you've been wondering about for years.


What would happen if vampires put on a kung-fu tournament.


Wonder no longer. Click on the image of the vampire getting a fang knocked out and read your little eyeballs out.